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Our Service Is Our Identity

At Conniff Law Offices, our service is our identity. We are an Oak Park family law firm, representing clients in all aspects of domestic relations. Whether your case is uncontested, collaborative, or litigated, our firm will work zealously to meet your expectations.

When a client retains our firm, they have not hired a single lawyer, but a team of dedicated family law practitioners. Our attorneys and support staff work in unison towards the single goal of client satisfaction. Through ongoing communication, our offices are able to quickly respond to every change in your case. We have been representing clients for over twenty years. Our longevity is predicated on our ability to identify and respond to our clients’ needs and to foresee legal issues before they arise.

Our Role

Our work affects individuals and families, which in turn can have a ripple effect through communities. We recognize the impact of our work and our emphasis on creative problem solving and alternative dispute resolutions reflects that. Conflict destroys individuals, families, and communities and is antithetical to the practice of family law. Our focus is always to resolve disputes respectfully, with a view to maintaining long term relationships within the family and community.

– Jim O., Western Springs (from Yelp)

– Chris W., Chicago (from Yelp)

– Rebecca M., Chicago (from Yelp)

– Eric S., Albuquerque (from Yelp)

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I am a happy client and recommend Lyn without hesitation. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic and is adept at working with other attorneys in a positive manner.

The efforts of this team were incredible and in touch with my sensitivity. After the first phone call I felt assured that I would be given the utmost attention and it was delivered!

The attorneys kept me up to date on the status of the issue and were always available to take my call. They were kind, professional and responsive.

I'm no fan of the lawyer class, but the Conniff folks definitely know their stuff. I can't imagine it getting any better than this. Two thumbs up!