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Family Law Reimagined

We believe that your attorney should be invested in your family’s welfare, not just the short run success of your case. We believe that lawyers should never be the cause of conflict within a family and that all parties should be concerned with the children’s best interests. Most importantly, we believe that a family law attorney and a client should share the same goals.

Complex Problems Call For Creative Solutions, Not Rote Litigation

Your domestic circumstances are unique and your legal strategy should reflect that. Our clients come from a variety of professions and our clients’ financial issues range from basic to complex. Our offices handle sophisticated matters, such as the division of assets, business ownership, and the discovery of hidden income. Regardless of your legal issue, our office is ready to help.

Unparalleled Drafting

We understand that your agreement is only as strong as your ability to enforce it. We negotiate and draft the most thorough and secure prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital settlement agreements. Our work is tailored to your needs and we never compromise our standards.

– Jim O., Western Springs (from Yelp)

– Chris W., Chicago (from Yelp)

– Rebecca M., Chicago (from Yelp)

– Eric S., Albuquerque (from Yelp)

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I am a happy client and recommend Lyn without hesitation. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic and is adept at working with other attorneys in a positive manner.

The efforts of this team were incredible and in touch with my sensitivity. After the first phone call I felt assured that I would be given the utmost attention and it was delivered!

The attorneys kept me up to date on the status of the issue and were always available to take my call. They were kind, professional and responsive.

I'm no fan of the lawyer class, but the Conniff folks definitely know their stuff. I can't imagine it getting any better than this. Two thumbs up!